Hi, it's Nina and this is my corner, a multifandom blog

Speaking of Supernatural: I'm a bi-bro, meaning I have an unhealthy love for both Dean and Sam Winchester: for me they're two halves of a whole, I love them equally (with a strength that scares me sometimes).
I'm a Jensen girl, I've been since 2002, I love the guy something fierce!:)

This means that you will never see any bashing of the Winchesters in this blog and i tend to be quite opinionated when someone talk shit about them. Just a warning, guys!

Congratulations Supernatural ass kissers, I've said fuck it to my tolerance ways. If you don't agree UNFOLLOW, do me this favor

my msn contact: rubinaerodiade@hotmail.com

My AO3 account: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Nina36/works
I'm in the process of moving all of my fics, from all the fandoms I've been in over there

My facebook profile: Nina Myspecialhell

What I love: music, writing, reading.

The tv shows: Supernatural, The X-Files, Law & Order: SVU, NCIS, 24, DR WHO

Movies: a shitload, I can't name them all

Music: see above.

I'm in my thirties, but I really don't feel my years. Sometimes I feel like I'm 15, other times like I'm 55...

I'm BI and single at the moment.

My OTPS: Mulder and Scully. Jack and Renee, Ziva and Gibbs, Dean and Sam, Amy/Eleven (shut up they belong together!)

J2 (pliz...no bashing!). I adore them, I ship them...deal with it!

oh...and WINCEST. Can't forget about that. I used to be on the fence, now I ship them harder than fedex with the burning intensity of a thousand suns.

I reblog a lot. I suck with photoshop, but I'm trying to learn.

Also...I comment. A lot. With tongue firmly planted in cheek. Deal with it;)

Just to make things clear, so that there are no mistakes: I DON'T LIKE CASTIEL. I DON'T LIKE DESTIEL. Got it? Ok.

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    "Be my valentine?" I don’t recall Sam saying no. *suggestive eyebrows*
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